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Why Choose HughesNet Gen5 for Your Business?

Gen5 has faster speeds, more data, built-in Wi-Fi, is available in more places, and is provided by America's #1 choice for satellite Internet. Check out our "Top 5 Reasons to Choose HughesNet Gen5" page for more information!

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Hughes® has been delivering managed network solutions to Fortune 500 companies for more than two decades. From this vast experience in the enterprise market, Hughes has developed a robust suite of new broadband Internet access plans specifically tailored to small and medium-sized businesses. With HughesNet Business Solutions, your business can take advantage of new opportunities, reach new customers, grow, and thrive.

Let Hughes – the industry leader in satellite broadband – put the power of broadband into your business.

Reliable, high-speed Internet for your business

Hughes provides connectivity solutions to more than a quarter of a million businesses nationwide.

HughesNet broadband satellite Internet solutions are available to business customers wherever they are located – even where there is no access to DSL and where T1 lines are too expensive. As long as your place of business has an unobstructed view of the southern sky, HughesNet is there.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is HughesNet for Business?

HughesNet® for Business encompasses broadband solutions from Hughes, the leading provider of broadband satellite networks and services worldwide. HughesNet for Business is available to every business, coast to coast in the US, with a clear view of the southern sky—finally, your business can get high-speed connectivity, even if you’re beyond the...
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Can I get high-speed Internet in my area?

Yes! Hughes offers service in all states in the contiguous U.S.

What is plan data versus ‘Unlimited Data’ that’s included in my service plan?

Plan data is the set amount of Anytime Data and Daytime Data that is delivered at 25 Mbps download speeds. Daytime Data is available from 8am-6pm; Anytime Data can be used 24/7, day or night. If you exceed your plan data, you will stay connected at reduced speeds, typically 1-3 Mbps, until your next billing cycle.

Why should I get HughesNet for Business?

Your business will be getting HughesNet Gen5—the 5th generation of our satellite Internet. With HughesNet Gen5, Hughes has fundamentally re-imagined what satellite Internet can be, bringing businesses more of everything they want: faster speeds, more data, and built-in Wi-Fi. Whether you have a single office or you need to connect multiple branch...
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What plan fits my business?

HughesNet Gen5 makes your online experience faster, easier and more efficient for email, point-of-sale transactions, Web pages, sharing files, and more. All five service plans offer download speeds of 25 Mbps, and our service plans offer a range of Daytime and Anytime data that match your business needs. Discuss your needs with a sales...
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*Free standard installation applies to new Lease subscribers only. Not valid with Purchase option. Limited-time offer.